National Population and Housing Census 2014, Area Specific Profiles: Mukono District

Demographic and socio - economic data are useful for planning and evidence - based decision making in any country. Such data are collected through Population Censuses, Demographic and Socio - economic Surveys, Civil Registration Systems and other Administrative sources. In Uganda, however, the Population and Housing Census remains the main source of demographic data, especially at the sub-national level.

Operation Wealth Creation

Rubanda District local government has recieved 106 bags of irish potato seed from NAADS to support farmers within 7 subcounties and 5towncouncils within the district.

The district chairperson Mr.Kasyaba Stephen who has flagged off the distribution has said that NAADS needs to improve on the quantity of the seed given the scope of farmers we have.

The seed has been supplied by nyabumba farmers seed school and each bag costing 240,000ugx.
*By Joanita Kobugabe
Communication officer*

Population & Culture

The 2014 Population Census Final Results put Mukono’s population at 599,817 and the projected population at 601,516 by mid 2015 (including Municipal council)

Demographic Comparatives


 Mukono District

 Central Region




Located in the South Western region of the Republic of Uganda Rubanda district borders with Kisoro to the West, Rukungiri and Kanungu to the North, Kabale to the East and the Republic of Rwanda to the South.

It is one of the highland Districts of Uganda and its topography is mainly green, interlocking and heavily cultivated hills with spectacular valleys.

Vision & Mission

District Vision
To have improved quality of life for the people by reducing poverty levels

District Mission
To ensure effective service delivery through strategic planning, equitable resource allocation and reducing disparities so as to attain sustainable economic growth and development